The best way to maintain your Volvo's safety and reliability is to follow the manufacturer's service schedule for your specific year and model Volvo. From a simple oil and filter change to the 30,000, 60,000 and 90,000 mile maintenance services, our staff will provide high quality personalized care to keep your Volvo rolling for years to come. Maintenance and repairs services offered by Walsh Brotehrs will keep your new car warranty valid when performed at the intervals outlined by Volvo.

We encourage our customers to return at 3,000-mile intervals for an oil and filter change and a no cost under-chassis inspection. We base this oil change frequency on our personal experience that proves to expand the life expectancy of your Volvo.

Only the dealer can process a new car warranty claim but you are able to have scheduled services and normal wear items such as brakes, suspension and exhaust work performed at any qualified shop of your choice.


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